Monday, July 29, 2019

Air Compressor Lubricant - Why Make the Switch to Best Aire Platinum

Why Make the Switch to Best Aire Platinum

Through the work of Summit Industrial Products, Best Aire is happy to introduce you to our very own line of air compressor lubricant Platinum. Platinum is specifically formulated to outperform other synthetic compressor lubricants on the market. A common problem that compressor lubricants experience is due to high temperatures and discharge pressure accelerating the oxidation process to oil can start to form varnish or sludge and hurt the efficiency and performance of the blower. However, Platinum employs a unique base stock that allows for improvements in both oxidation resistance and compressor cleanliness. Platinum has proven capable of eliminating varnish sludge, and carbon deposits better than traditional synthetic base stocks when tested. Platinum has met the challenge under field condition tests with over 12,000 hours of service and beyond in high temperature applications.

Now that you have an introduction to Platinum let’s look at some key reasons to protect your air compressor with this product. Firstly, as was discussed previously the use of platinum provides increased reliability and operational safety. With an oil that is keeping your air compressor running longer and cleaner you will see an increased longevity of your system as well as increased profitability as service and oil are not needed as often. Platinum oil is an environmentally friendly product with extended drain intervals that result in less volume and cost associated with lubricant disposal. A final advantage of making the switch to platinum is that our synthetic lubricants offer significant economic advantage by improving thermal and mechanical efficiency to lower your energy costs.

If you have any questions or would like additional information about Platinum or any of the other products and services Best Aire could offer you we would love to hear from you. Our website is and we have multiple branches located throughout Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana.