Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Dealing with the Reduced Demand of COVID-19

We contacted hundreds of customers many of which are experiencing the same pain points. Those who have stayed open during these uncertain times are experiencing reduced demand/product output. Based on our calls most of our customers have substantially reduced their workload.

As air compressor system experts, it is our recommendation to keep an eye on rapid cycling that can arise from your system operating at a reduced load.

Rapid cycling is when your air compressor rapidly loads and unloads multiple times per hour.

  1. Moisture build up in the coolant, ultimately causing the air-end to fail prematurely
  2. Inconsistent plant pressure
  3. Excessive cycling of compressors (multi-machine systems)
  4. Oil carryover in oil flooded compressors
  5. Rapid wear of inlet valves and other mechanical components

1) Increase effective storage: This is the first and best solution. Most plants do not operate within the guidelines suggested by most experts, which is 3-5 gallons per CFM of storage.
The following would allow for a smaller tank:
  • Steady linear flows in the plant
  • Smaller air compressors
  • VFD, IM or Variable Displacement controls
  • Large pressure band for the compressor system
  • Use of a flow controller
    • Adding differential pressure will also increase the effective storage. Doubling the PSID is the same as doubling the storage. However, this is not as efficient as increasing storage.
2) Purchase smaller air compressor: Our experts will work with you to determine if this is the best solution for your current situation. A properly sized air compressor with adequate storage will prevent rapid cycling.

There are other solutions none of which we would suggest unless we have exhausted the above options. Instead, we suggest you bring in an expert to look over your system and make the proper suggestions. Call today to schedule an experienced sales engineer or technician to look over your current operating status and make suggestions.

- Ryan Mol
Sales Manager